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Elevate Your IT with Expert Consulting and Specialized Services

Struggling to keep pace with evolving technology demands? IGTech365’s expert consulting and specialized services can help. Our team of seasoned professionals offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address your unique business needs, from strategic IT planning to specialized support services.

Unlock your IT potential with:

  • In-depth consultations: Gain valuable insights and strategic guidance for your IT infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with your business goals.
  • Specialized services: Benefit from a wide range of expertise, including HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, web development, email migration, help desk support, server management, IT maintenance, network security design, and penetration testing.
Managed IT Support for Industries Tampa

Consulting and Specialized Services

Expert IT Consulting Services to Enhance Your IT Environment

IT Consulting Tampa

IT Consulting

Leverage our team’s deep expertise to gain valuable insights and strategic guidance for your IT needs.
HIPAA Compliance IT Data

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure adherence to healthcare data privacy regulations with comprehensive compliance services.
Business Cyber Security Services

Network Security

Proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats with our advanced security assessments and solutions.
Web Services

Web Services

Benefit from our expertise in developing and managing web applications and services tailored to your business.
Email Migration Services

Email Migration

Smoothly transition your email communication to a new platform with minimal disruption.
Business Website Creation Services Tampa


Create a stunning and user-friendly website that reflects your brand and drives results.
IT Helpdesk Support Services


Provide your team with efficient and reliable technical support through our dedicated helpdesk services.

Windows Server Support Tampa

Windows Server Support

Get expert support for your Windows Server environment, ensuring optimal performance and security.
Business IT Maintenance Tampa


Maintain the health and longevity of your IT infrastructure through preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.
Business Network Solutions Tampa


Design, implement, and manage reliable and scalable network solutions to meet your specific needs.
Business Penetration Testing Tampa

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your network and systems through controlled security assessments.
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Streamline Your IT

Benefits IT Consulting and Specialized Services

Strategic Guidance & Enhanced Security

Gain valuable insights from our IT consulting experts, ensuring your technology aligns with your business goals. Proactive security assessments and solutions safeguard your data and systems from evolving cyber threats.

Streamlined Operations & Increased Productivity

Minimize disruption with our seamless email migration services and boost team efficiency with our dedicated help desk. Expert Windows Server support and proactive IT maintenance minimize downtime and keep your systems running smoothly.

Scalable Growth & Brand Recognition

Our custom web development and website design services create a user-friendly platform that reflects your brand and drives results. Scalable network solutions designed for your specific needs empower your business growth.

HIPAA Compliance & Peace of Mind

Ensure complete HIPAA compliance with our comprehensive services, safeguarding sensitive healthcare data and giving you peace of mind.

Cost-Effectiveness & Reduced Risk

Our strategic IT planning helps optimize your IT budget, while proactive maintenance prevents costly downtime and data breaches.

Empowered Workforce & Improved Morale

Our reliable IT support empowers your team to focus on core tasks, fostering improved morale and productivity.

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What Our Clients Say

“IGtech365 has been instrumental in empowering our business to thrive in the digital age. If you’re looking for a reliable and proactive IT partner, look no further than IGtech365. They are truly the best in the business!”

Alexandra Martinez

“Been with our company for almost 6 months now, IGTech is a great company.They also have the patience to help assist our 50+ employees in the fields, with the simplest tasks or even the hardest- either way they are there to help. Mark, Jesse and Josh are amazing and love working with them!”

Ashlyn Turner

“IGTech 365 has been our service providers for all of our IT needs for the past 5+ years. From complex installs to antivirus, they are responsive and knowledgeable. The team strives to ensure we are well positioned and secure with our devices and internal technology. I highly recommend them for our business needs.”

Hope Kennedy