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Your Business IT Help Desk Services are a Call Away

Many small to medium businesses can’t afford to hire a full time IT professional to keep their computers running, responding to employee IT issues, and performing the proactive maintenance required. If an employee has an issue, they need help now – not sometime in the next 24 – 48 hours.

IGTech365 has qualified IT Help desk engineers specializing in systems administration, network administration, Microsoft 365 management, and cybersecurity. A hotline is provided as well on online ticket tracking with targeted response times. With multiple people working the IT help desk, the resolution is measured in minutes and hours, not days.

Because computer networks are so important, employers really have to budget for two people for security. We have seen many instances of IT employees walking out and leaving their employer high and dry. Having a supportive IT partner means there are additional resources with a wider range of skills to service your company.

General computer help

Workstation maintenance

Virus protection

Patches & Updates

Network Administration

Outlook & email issues

Windows questions

Office 365 questions

Training – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – Office 365

Information & Cyber Security


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If you accept that technology is critical to your company and that the management and support of that technology is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a Managed Services Provider like IGTech365. We can be the hands of your IT help desk for 75% less than hiring full-time help desk staff.


Keep Productivity High

When computers are running slow or not at all, productivity suffers. Employees get frustrated and bad attitudes develop. If they are counting on a local high school student or a one-man IT company to fix the issue they may have to wait hours or days. IGTech365 has multiple people on the help desk team ready to answer questions on general computer issues and Microsoft 365 products. Online and onsite training on using SharePoint, Teams, Excel, Word or Dynamics is all available. IGTech365 keeps your team happy and productive.


Employee Expense

  • Salary $65,000 + 20% benefits ($13k) = $78,000
  • Salary $45,000 + 20% benefits ($9k) =  $54,000
    – 2 employees recommended

IGTech365 Savings

  • $46,040 – saved on network administrator payroll
    – Based on just 1 employee on the payroll
  • We have more people & offer 24×7 emergency service
  • We have a wider range of IT skills & more people

Break-even for 1 IT person on staff is about 100 employees!

Microsoft Office 365

We support Microsoft technology with a specialization in Office 365. We use the technology we sell and can answer any questions you have about any program. If you’re puzzled by Excel, we can help. Azure? We have that covered too. We want your staff to be comfortable calling us to resolve issues in minutes – and not days – as is the case with many other managed IT service providers.

Help Desk for IT Administrators

For companies who already have a strong IT professional on staff, we offer “overflow” services with Streamline IT. In this situation, we provide the IT employee with a ticketing system to document issues and resolution in case we need to step in and assist. When an IT employee needs help, gets sick, or goes on vacation, we handle the tickets in a seamless manner.


What People Are Saying

IGTech365 has provided instant support for workstations that have gone done. One call and they deployed a tech to our location within 2 hours. Unfortunately, the issue was created by a staffer. They diagnosed and corrected the issue within 30 minutes of arrival. IGTech365 will remain our network and server integration because of unsurpassed service!

Darryl Arnold

Since we outsourced our IT services to IGTech365 getting a response when a computer repair was needed has become so much easier. Thanks to Josh, my essential files and desktop are now backed up to one drive so I will never lose them again, and Mark has been very helpful in blocking some very offensive spam emails. Thanks Guys!

Lynn Rios

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