Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

“Hi my name is Josh Holcomb. I’m the CIO for IGTech365 and with our IT landscape changing ever so much, to include the new new cyber attacks that are going around everywhere.

Whether that be ransomware attacks,  viruses, spoofing, phishing, any of those other types of attacks that are happening. What we would like to do is enable your business to know where your vulnerable targets from the outside or the inside.

The way that we’re able to do this is through Penetration testing. Penetration testing is actually us trying to exploit the vulnerabilities that your company may or may not have in order to gain access to internal systems. We’re able to do this using different tools, technologies, and expertise from our Security Professionals.


Please reach out to us! Call us at 866-365-7798 in order to find out more about our penetration testing services and reduce your attack risks.

You can actually take that to your insurance company as you get your cyber policies up and available to you and it actually reduces your risk to that company. Maybe even reducing your premiums so get that Roi with IG Tech 365 for your cyber policies. Have a great day!”


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