Popular IT Migration Services

The term migration service is often used without a clear understanding or communication of the migration service that is needed. There are many types of migration services in the information technology sector that enable businesses to move data and services from one location or platform to another. IGTech365  in Tampa, supports the migration services listed below. 

Email Migration Service

Email migration is probably the most common migration service IGTech365 performs. It is natural for a small business to start with a generic email such as Gmail, Live or Outlook and migrate to a domain email as the business generates revenue. A domain email most likely uses the company domain such as @igtech365.com or @fleetistics.com. A domain email communicates a bigger and more professional organization to potential customers. 

An email migration can be done onsite in Tampa or Florida but it can also be done remotely with a little customer assistance. The key to email migration is ensuring data is not lost if something goes wrong. Having the right tools and knowing the steps will ensure your email migration goes smoothly. 

File Migration Service

A file migration is the second most popular migration service IGtech365 performs. A file migration can also be done remotely if servers can be accessed remotely. There is no more important time to backup data than when doing a file migration. 

Why Do A File Migration?

Data security and accessibility are the two key reasons. In areas like Tampa, FL file security not only means protection from hackers and ransomware but also from natural disasters like hurricanes, fires and floods. Ask yourself

“If I lose my server, can I run my business? What will it cost in lost business and customers? What will is cost to replace my network?”

Cloud Migration Service

As a business grows, file migration to the cloud or a co-lo is almost inevitable. You cannot do security as well as Microsoft on Azure or Google on AWS. We see news stories of major corporations (gas pipeline in 2021) get ransomwared and two months later a government email server is hacked by the Russians. These are organizations that spend millions in security and will pay millions if ransomwared. 

Microsoft 365 Cloud Migration Service

SharePoint Migration Service

The Microsoft 365 platform has become extremely popular during the Covid-19 pandemic because it has enabled businesses to seamlessly work remotely. Microsoft 365 has really transformed how business will be done in the future. Will Microsoft 365 eliminate all face-to-face business? It is highly unlikely but it will reduce the need for travel with marginal value. 

SharePoint migration service is the third most popular service IGTech365 provides. With the improved popularity of Microsoft 365 products and services, more busineses big and small are moving data to Azure and files to SharePoint. SharePoint offers file access anywhere but adds a layer of security and control not found in a share file platform like Windows Explorer, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. SharePoint is HIPPA compliant, has built in security and provides versionioning. 

Teams VoIP Phone Migration Service

Phone technology has taken a major leap forward in the last 5 years. VoIP is the standard as Internet speeds get faster and more reliable. Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform meaning it replaces about five services with one unified service. In our opinion Teams is one of the most valuable services any business can implement. 

The fourth most common migration service is migrating to Microsoft Teams for VoIP phone service. Teams is deeply integrated with Outlook, provides a fully functional phone system, can work with Teams enable phones or call from the mobile or desktop app, provides conference calling, webinars, call recording, speed dial, instant messaging, and a seamless desktop to mobile transition experience. 

A Teams migration is not a long, complicated or expensive process. Numbers have to be ported, the phone system configured and call tree established. Once you have migrated to Microsoft Teams you will see productivity and efficiency improve and a drop in other expenses which are no longer needed such as Zoom, other phone service, DropBox, backup services, etc, etc, etc. 

Below Microsoft Direct Pricing

IGTech365 offers below Microsoft direct pricing for 100+ licenses. Call to discuss your needs and get a quote. 866.365.7798.

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