what is system administration? administrator at workIn recent years, businesses have had to rely on a greater number of computers, IT services, and cloud solutions., which has led to an increase in the risk of technical mistakes or cyber assaults and the need for specialized administration. Many thousands, and even millions, of dollars, are at stake if critical data is lost or problems cannot be rapidly fixed. Keeping your employees working, data secure and business operational is all part of system administration.

When business is booming and your IT infrastructure is working well, it’s easy to forget that you require the services of a system administrator. After all, everything is running smoothly. Some people may even wonder, “What is system administration anyway, and why do I need it?”

Today, we will be answering this question in detail for you.

Keeping your website, software, and cloud services working well is crucial for money to continue to flow. If something goes wrong, who will you turn to?

You should be able to turn to your system administration service provider for:

  • Anti-Virus and Cyber Security
  • VoIP phone system
  • Software configuration and updates
  • License and certificate management
  • And much more…

Having a system administrator set up accounts, configure software, optimize technology, and watch for alerts will protect your organization from costly blunders. The best choice you can make for your company is to hire a qualified IT professional to manage your system.

What is System Administration – Simply Defined

When you have operating system hardware and software to manage in a multi-user setting, you need IT professionals to administrate a dependable and secure infrastructure. This is referred to as system administration.

These IT specialists are called “sysadmins,” short for “system administrators.”

The work of a sysadmin often crosses over with database and network administration, especially in small businesses to medium size businesses. However, each is a distinctive job position that is typically handled separately in larger corporations. By outsourcing IT, you can get systems administration for far less than hiring someone who is unlikely to be busy 40 hours a week.

System administration assists your organization by sustaining a reliable system. When your business’ daily computer and cloud activities are well managed, your team’s productivity and efficiency increase.

What Does a System Administration Professional Do?

A sysadmin has a long list of tasks on their agenda. System administration functions vary depending on the type of computer operating system being maintained.

Windows system administrators are in charge of PCs and networks that run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators, abbreviated as MCSA, is a common title for these specialists.

Regardless of whether your sysadmin manages Windows 365, Linux, or another operating system, they all have certain common functions that may be performed in a variety of ways.


  • Establishes company and User Accounts
  • Adds and removes users from systems
  • Sets user access rights
  • Updates user and organization information
  • Contacts the help desk as needed
  • Plans for system upgrades
  • Works with network administrators and management
  • Designs solutions to meet company goals
  • Ensure license compliance
  • Applies patches and updates
  • Configures Microsoft 365
  • Manages Teams phone system
  • Trains employees on using various systems
  • Software Installations
  • Programming
  • Technical Support

Monitors System

  • Security
  • Resources
  • Health

They also perform system backups and respond to system failures.

Outsourcing Your System Administration

Many businesses believe that hiring a sysadmin to take over these tasks on a daily basis is out of their budget. Because of this misconception, system administration is frequently disregarded in smaller organizations until severe problems arise.

With increased business demands, ill-prepared IT departments can easily become overwhelmed, and hiring new employees is expensive. That’s why outsourcing your IT system administration is a better option. Not only is it more practical, it’s also more affordable!

When you outsource your service administration, you receive the support of a remote team of experts for as long as you need them.

Receive Expert System Administration from IGTech365 in Florida

What is system administration – and why is it so important? In addition to our comprehensive answer, here is another short one: IT experts can help you get the most out of your technology. The wisest decision you can make for your business is to let a system administrator handle your infrastructure. 

Whether you want to fill a temporary slot or find a permanent IT solution, you can count on IGTech365 to meet and exceed your expectations.

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