Looking for an IT Job in Tampa?

Finding a job for network administration, system engineering or an IT help desk can be challenging. Fortunately but Tampa FL is a great place with plenty of openings for skilled IT professionals. The full gamete of IT jobs is available across the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Whether you are in the New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Lutz or Temple Terrace area, there are more IT job openings than there are IT professionals to do the work. Tampa is currently an IT “buyers market.”


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IT Systems Administration

One of the most in demand positions is that for IT systems administrator. A systems administrator keeps things running, configures applications, monitors systems and ensures customers stay operational. Microsoft 365 has surged in popularity with the increase in working from home and a major component of a Microsoft environment is Active Directory. In business today, being able to administer Active Directory is an important IT skillset.  Active Directory now offers a cloud based service eliminating the need for an on-prem server.

IT Help Desk Positions

The most abundant IT job is that of help desk or desktop support. Great desktop support personnel can be hard to find but it is a great entry level IT job. Help desk positions range from people wanting to start a new career, to highly skilled level 3 IT professionals. There are three commonly identified desktop positions in a business, Help Desk 1, Help Desk 2 and Help Desk 3. The range of skills varies but what is common to all is the ability to multi-task, solve problems and be flexible from issue to issue. Most help desk positions are focused on Windows 10 based work stations. An IT help desk position takes calls from customers and helps them address work station related issues so they can get back to work. If the issue is more complex, the PC issue is passed to higher level positions, such as the network administrator or systems engineer, to resolve. 

Join Our IT Team

We are always looking to connect with skilled IT professionals in the Tampa Florida area. Even if we do not have a position available today, let’s talk. We can get to know one another and help each other out. When an opportunity arises we’ll contact you if you are a good fit. 

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