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Network Server and Workstation Setup

From your desktops to your server room or data center, and beyond your own walls to your customers and suppliers, your computers and your network are vital to your business success. That’s why you need to ensure they reach their peak potential every hour of every day, with the least possible unscheduled downtime and the greatest available throughput. That’s why it is critical to use IGTech365’s expert Server and Workstation setup.

Server and Workstation Setup


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If you accept that technology is critical to your company and that the management and support of that technology IT as a service is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a Managed Services Provider like IGTech365.


Server and Workstation Setup Services

Server and workstation setup and configuration is usually a very time consuming process in Windows, Linux, or Mac environments. We utilize servers for different, or sometimes multiple roles within our businesses. Some business requires file servers, web servers, domain controller, and more.

IGTech365 can get you there. Our server setup service utilizes a new server checklist for the basic installation; then project planning to implement the configuration needed to help you grow your business. This provides transparency into industry best practices, and consistency throughout your organization.

Workstations can be complex as well.  What jobs can be done more efficiently with 2or even 3 monitors? Which workstations are efficient with just one? IGTech365 meets with the decision makers down to the end user to make sure all applications are accounted for on your new workstation.

Workstations are truly an extension of the user so making sure they are comfortable within company guidelines is a priority. The majority of workstation setup configuration is done at our facility leading to less onsite downtime and higher efficiency. Custom configurations are available to accommodate business requirements.


What People Are Saying

IGTech365 has provided instant support for workstations that have gone done. One call and they deployed a tech to our location within 2 hours. Unfortunately, the issue was created by a staffer. They diagnosed and corrected the issue within 30 minutes of arrival. IGTech365 will remain our network and server integration because of unsurpassed service!

Darryl Arnold

Since we outsourced our IT services to IGTech365 getting a response when a computer repair was needed has become so much easier. Thanks to Josh, my essential files and desktop are now backed up to one drive so I will never lose them again, and Mark has been very helpful in blocking some very offensive spam emails. Thanks Guys!

Lynn Rios

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