Cloud Backups Remove Your Stress During Storms

With the recent hurricane and subsequent flooding that took place, you have to ask yourself what would you do if your area was hit? Flooding is a devastating event that ruins everything in your business. Look around and think about one item that won’t have to be replaced if your office floods 3 feet deep. All furniture, computers, files, refrigerators, employee files, contracts…everything. Your family, employees, and customers are counting on you to be prepared and able to continue to function regardless of your issues. If you do nothing else to protect your business, you should be using OneDrive.

With Office 365 you can work from anywhere. You can login and have the exact same files and your phone system on your home computer or laptop. SharePoint is the tool used to for file management. SharePoint lays on top of a traditional file structure and provides search, share, and security permissions, all from the safety of the cloud. A cloud-based phone system is the last key element to disaster recovery. Cloud backups save businesses during storms.

A VoIP softphone is just a program you can run on your computer, or an app on your cell phone, that enables business features. A softphone means no more expensive phones on your desk that you have to replace with each new phone system. A softphone generally also acts as an inter-office instant messaging platform.

The time to get ready is now. The latest hurricane is just a reminder of the damage that can be done. It has been 11 years since Tampa was hit by a hurricane, so we tend to forget. Since we are coming out of hurricane season now is the time to start the discussion, allocate the funds and be prepared for next summer.

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