it administration - administrator at work in data centerIn the modern world, with technology at our fingertips, businesses across Tampa and Florida have more ways than ever to grow and improve. One of the most efficient and productive ways to do this is by outsourcing your IT administration. By hiring an external IT service provider, companies achieve the outcomes they want and save money.

Today, we are reviewing the benefits of outsourcing your IT administration so you can decide if it’s right for your small to medium business.


Less Cost

One onsite IT administrator is typically paid over 90k a year, plus expenses associated with downtime. When you outsource IT administration, you can have an entire team at your disposal for up to 75% less. There are a variety of pricing models for outsourcing IT administration depending on the firm and the size of your company. Some are billed monthly, and others are project-based. IGTech365 charges a flat monthly fee so you can accurately budget and clearly see the annual savings.

…but, you get what you pay for, so choose wisely.

A low-priced IT administrator is likely to lack the back-end support that ensures stability. Of course, cost alone doesn’t signify the worth of an IT administrator. You will need to do your research and decide on a firm that will deliver the results you want.

Higher Level of Efficiency

Onsite IT administrators have a routine that they follow regularly. They don’t have the incentive to try harder, work faster, or do more. If a problem or situation is beyond their knowledge, they’re stuck.

An outsourced IT administration service is incentivized.

Outsourced It administration service providers will prevent problems before they start, and they have a larger team that collectively creates a huge tool belt of skills and experience. Since they specialize in IT administration, they will have a plethora of resources to assist them in doing their tasks without fail. They desire your business and will go above and beyond to be productive,

speedy, and efficient. The smoother your network runs, the fewer labor dollars need to be used. This is why choosing the right IT administration provider is crucial.

More Flexible Team

In recent years, more companies are choosing to focus their in-house staff on core tasks that directly contribute to the growth of their company. These same companies are outsourcing non-core jobs to streamline their business processes and reduce the necessary office space.

By tasking an outside IT management firm with the duties of a system administrator, you can focus on your work and not worry about supervising as many employees. Your IT staff can manage the outsourced IT relationship and focus on strategic initiatives.

A Source for Advice and Support

Professional IT service providers are specialists in their field. When something isn’t going as planned, and you need consultation, most outsourced IT experts will be happy to sit down and discuss it with you. A common example is helping customers understand how Microsoft 365 Teams can be used as a very affordable VoIP phone system.

The amount of invaluable information you can receive from outsourced IT teams can be worth more than any of their services. When you have no one else to turn to, you can trust that the IT cavalry will arrive and save the day.

Your Business Benefits From Outsourcing IT Administration in the Tampa Area, FL

Small and medium-sized businesses explore strategies to optimize their operations by turning to outsourced IT administrative services as an alternative to adopting onsite workers and the associated inconveniences. Outsourcing is becoming a new standard. When you outsource to a professional IT service, you receive a quality and experienced team that understands how administration works from the ground up.

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