Networking and Security

VMware Networking and Security Solutions

Networking and Security Across the Business Fabric

VMware networking and security solutions provide consistent, pervasive connectivity and security for apps and data, wherever they reside — from the data center to the cloud and the edge. 

NSX Data Center

VMware NSX® Data Center delivers virtualized networking and security entirely in software, completing a key pillar of the Software-defined Data Center (SDDC), and enabling the virtual cloud network to connect and protect across data centers, clouds, and applications.


Reduce your attack surface by bringing micro-segmentation and intrinsic security to applications built on VMs, containers, or bare metal servers, in private and public cloud environments.

Network Automation

Increase speed and agility by automating networking and security services entirely in software, empowering IT and developers to move at the speed of business by treating network infrastructure as code.

Multi-Cloud Networking

Streamline networking and security operations by bringing consistency across, data center, private clouds, and public clouds including AWS and Azure.

Cloud-Native Apps

Deliver native networking and security for containerized workloads that brings consistent and automated policy across application frameworks, platforms, sites, and clouds.

Consistent Security Across Clouds

Define a security policy once and apply to workloads anywhere – across virtual networks, regions, availability zones, and multiple private data centers and public clouds.

End-to-End Operational Control and Visibility

NSX Cloud provides standard interfaces and APIs to plug into your existing operations tools to enable deep, end-to-end visibility for monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing across data centers and clouds.

Precise Control Over Cloud Networking

Control cloud networking topologies, traffic flows, IP addressing, and protocols used within and across multiple public clouds.

Single Pane of Glass Visibility

NSX Cloud provides a complete inventory view across all accounts, regions, subscriptions, VPCs, and VNets and operational status of every VM to enable quicker troubleshooting.

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Site Networking and Security

NSX Cloud brings networking and security capabilities to endpoints across multiple clouds. By integrating with NSX Data Center, it enables networking and security management across clouds and data center sites.

Distributed Architecture & Micro-Segmentation

A distributed firewalling architecture eliminates additional network hops and traffic because policies are enforced at the virtual network interface of each instance, rather than routed through an external firewall.

NSX Cloud provides granular control over East-West traffic between application workloads running natively in public clouds and on-premises Data Center. NSX Cloud also enables micro-segmentation of virtual desktops that are deployed by VMware Horizon Cloud.

Shared Gateway in Transit VPC/VNet, Security Groups, & Edge Firewalling

Gateway consolidation in transit VPCs / VNets results in simpler administration, faster onboarding of compute VPCs/VNets, and enables selective routing of traffic for service insertion via third-party appliances.

Security groups and rules can be defined based on rich policy constructs, such as the instance name, OS type, AMI ID, and user-defined tags.
Stateful firewalling filters North-South traffic flowing between instances in virtual networks and the public Internet.
Dynamic Policy & RESTful API

Security policy is automatically applied and enforced based on instance attributes and user-defined tags. Policies automatically follow instances when they are moved within and across clouds.

RESTful API and automation tools help to programmatically provision and configure networking and security infrastructure on-demand.

Site-to-Site VPN & Traffic Visibility with any SIEM tool

Built-in VPN support to encrypt traffic between on-premises and public cloud.

Use any existing Day 2 operations tool to gain real-time visibility into traffic flows and firewall logs within and across virtual private clouds.

NSX Cloud

VMware NSX Cloud provides single-pane-of-glass visibility, rich networking capabilities, consistent security policy, granular and operationally scalable micro-segmentation across the hybrid cloud network. NSX Cloud currently supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS public clouds.

SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Simplify Your Enterprise Branch WAN. VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud delivers high-performance, reliable branch access to cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based enterprise applications.

Enables Bandwidth Expansion

SD-WAN increases bandwidth economically by aggregating WAN circuits of any type, providing faster response even for single application flows.

Provides Optimal Connectivity

Data plane function and orchestration are delivered in the cloud to provide direct and optimized access to the cloud as well as on-premises resources.

Supports Virtual Services

The SD-WAN platform can host multiple virtualized network functions to eliminate single-function appliances and reduce branch IT complexity.

Automates Branch Deployments

You can deploy a branch in minutes with SD-WAN Edge activation from the cloud. Automatic WAN circuit discovery and monitoring eliminates link-by-link and branch-by-branch configuration.

Performance and Reliability

Deliver hybrid WAN with high performance, reliability and transport, and provider flexibility to assure optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video.

Virtual Service Platform

Reduce the branch office footprint with a single click. SD-WAN with VeloCloud enables seamless insertion and chaining of virtualized services on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud Network

Eliminate data center backhaul penalties with a cloud-ready network to provide an optimized direct path to public and private enterprise clouds.

Automation and Orchestration

Centralized monitoring, visibility and cloud control enable zero-touch branch deployment while delivering automatic business policy and firmware updates, link performance, and capacity measurements.

Infrastructure Hybridity

VMware HCX provides WAN optimized, bidirectional, multisite hybrid interconnects and network extension. Hybridity makes apps oblivious to where the VMs reside and gives a seamless and secured environment to migrate VMs.

Workload Mobility

Migrate VMs with live vMotion or bulk warm migration, seamlessly and securely across vSphere 5.0+ to a modern SDDC with NSX-based data centers. VMware HCX enables DC evacuation, extension, and consolidation, without requiring any infrastructure upgrade or re-IP.

Any-to-Any Mobility

• vSphere 5.0+ to any version on cloud or modern data center
• No need for infrastructure upgrade on the legacy source-side data center
• No need for NSX on the source side

Advanced Security

• Highly secure Suite B encryption for hybrid traffic
• Tie back to single SSO and single policy enforcement
• Secure proxy for vMotion and replication traffic

Bulk Workload Migration

• Live vMotion and large scale warm VM migration 
• Parallel VM migration threads
• No change in IP, no NAT

High Performance

• WAN optimized, traffic engineered links for migration
• High-throughput L2 extension
• Low latency across Internet or WAN

VMware HCX

VMware HCX provides infrastructure hybridity and application workload mobility at scale. It delivers optimized data center extension capabilities for seamless and secure connectivity between sites; interoperability across vSphere 5.0+, and live and bulk migration of application workloads across data centers and clouds without re-architecting the application.

With VMware HCX you can easily bulk migrate or move apps to and from data centers with a secure, WAN-optimized hybrid interconnect. Accelerate the adoption of modern data center architectures, simplify management, and evolve your application strategy.

VMware HCX delivers a high-performance interconnect between data centers, enabling workload migration at scale without downtime, while maintaining IT policy, and management. Securely connect legacy data centers to modern data centers while maintaining business continuity.

Application Security Software – AppDefense

Bolster Application Security with VMware AppDefense

VMware AppDefense is a data center endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualized environments. Rather than chasing after threats, AppDefense understands an application’s intended state and behavior, then monitors for changes to that intended state that indicate a threat. When a threat is detected, AppDefense automatically responds.

Application-Centric alerting for the Security Operations Center (SOC)

AppDefense doesn’t produce a lot of alerts, but when it raises the alarm it’s smart to listen. The authoritative alerts generated by AppDefense coupled with automated response capabilities allow the SOC to focus on catching and eradicating threats from their environment, rather than sifting through noisy data and investigating threats that aren’t there.

Transforming Application Security Readiness Reviews

In the world of modern application development, applications are launched, changed, and decommissioned rapidly. By the time a security team learns of the existence of a new application, it has often already changed. AppDefense creates a common source of truth between application teams and the security teams, streamlining the security review and readiness process.

Understand Intended State of Application

From inside the vSphere hypervisor, AppDefense has an authoritative understanding of how data center endpoints are meant to behave and is the first to know when changes are made. This contextual intelligence removes the guesswork involved in determining which changes are legitimate and which are real threats.

Respond Automatically with Precision

When a threat is detected, AppDefense uses vSphere and VMware NSX Data Center to automate the correct response. AppDefense can automatically:

  • – Block process communication
  • – Snapshot an endpoint for forensic analysis
  • – Suspend or shut down the endpoint
Application Security Software – AppDefense

Because AppDefense is installed in the vSphere hypervisor, it has an isolated, protected environment from which to continually monitor data center endpoints. This reduces the chance of AppDefense itself being compromised.

Plan Application Security and Migration

• Accelerate micro-segmentation deployment

• Troubleshoot security for SDDC, native AWS, and hybrid applications

• Minimize business risk during application migration

Manage and Scale NSX

• Scale across multiple NSX managers

• Boost uptime by proactively detecting misconfiguration errors

• Ensure compliance for NSX

Optimize and Troubleshoot Virtual & Physical Networks

• Reduce mean time to resolution for application connectivity issues

• Optimize application performance by eliminating network bottlenecks

• Audit network and security changes over time

vRealize Network Insight

VMware vRealize Network Insight helps customers build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. It accelerates micro-segmentation deployment, minimizes business risk during application migration and enables customers to confidently manage and scale NSX deployments.

The Software-Defined Data Center

The software-defined data center architecture extends the virtualization principles that transformed compute—Abstract, Pool and Automate

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