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Managed IT Services vs. Outsourced IT Services

Managed IT services is slightly different than outsourced IT services. Managed IT services is supplemental to an existing IT department. Enabling a portion of the IT services to be managed by IGTech365 provides many benefits, including human redundancy in the event the IT manager falls ill, goes on vacation, etc. IGTech365 can provide project support or simply handle the help desk if the primary IT manager is unavailable or lacks bandwidth.

Outsourced IT, is generally where all IT services are managed and handled by IGTech365 on a daily basis. This includes network administration, employee help desk, buying and configuring new computers, and troubleshooting almost any IT issue.


Is Managed IT Services Right for Your Business?

If you have an IT team and want to add redundancy, additional skills or expand the hours of service provided to your company, managed IT services is the right option.  We can provide as little as configuring workstations, to 24/7 365 response to emergency issues. 


Managed IT Services

IT Help Desk

System Admin

Network Design

Office 365


Managed IT Service Provider Tampa

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Start today and stop worrying about “IT”.

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Managed IT Service Providers Tampa Florida

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Start today and stop worrying about “IT”.

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How IT Managed Services Work

IT managed services are intended to operate quietly in the background. If all goes well you never know it is going on, your network just runs smoothly. We are proactively working to combat system performance and cyber threats not handled by your in-house IT team. 

Whether monitoring your servers or workstations, we monitor each asset to see how they are performing, tune them up when needed and make recommendations for improved performance. We monitor virus definitions, system updates, system error messages, disk space shortages, hard drive failures, server connectivity issues and more.

Managed IT services help desk
Managed IT services help desk
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When “IT” Gets You Down

If you’re reading this, you may already have IT issues:

Managing IT is not your “thing”

You want to save 75% by outsourcing IT needs

Overflow support is needed

A backup IT person is needed in case they leave

Business is booming and IT support is needed without another salary

You need help with Office 365 or Cloud services

Managed IT Services Options

Email migration & management

SharePoint file migration

Backup solutions

Computer monitoring & updates

Network monitoring, protection, configuration

Office 365 help and administration

Server setup, maintenance

User administration

Skype for Business

Disaster recovery

Employee help desk

Support ticketing system for rapid response

Router and switch management

Phone system monitoring with our VoIP service

Managed IT services companies
IT help desk outsourcing
managed IT Services

What People Are Saying

IGTech 365 really does provide full service IT services. For someone like myself with limited IT expertise, IGTech 365 not only provides thoughtful answers but also helps me ask the right questions. I don’t need full time support but I need full services on call and that’s what I get from 365. I also appreciate that the help desk is professional, polite and speaks English.
Board of Directors

Operation Vets Haven

Since we outsourced our IT services to IGTech365 getting a response when a computer repair was needed has become so much easier. Thanks to Josh, my essential files and desktop are now backed up to one drive so I will never lose them again, and Mark has been very helpful in blocking some very offensive spam emails. Thanks Guys!
Lynn Rios

Google Reviews

MES partnered with IGTech365 for network managed services. They provide help desk services to 70+ users and our network of 3 offices and the co-lo data center. The consultants have been extremely honest by recommending technology that saved us tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees because it was a better long-term solution for our company. Their customer service is excellent and I know they will do whatever they can to support MES, even if it is outside their normal service offering.

VP of Sales Operations, Modern Enterprise Solutions

The help desk is great, very patient and very knowledgeable. The contribution and assistance received from IGTech365 for one of the Veterans group in dire need of IT help was awesome.
R.N. Jurgenson

Facebook Review

IGTech365 has provided instant support for workstations that have gone done. One call and they deployed a tech to our location within 2 hours. Unfortunately the issue was created by a staffer. They diagnosed and corrected the issue within 30 minutes of arrival. IGTech365 will remain our network and server integration because of unsurpassed service!
Darryl Arnold

Google Reviews

We are a small company and needed a new IT management firm to assist us setting up Office 365. We started working with IGTech365 about a year ago and couldn’t be happier. They worked with us on a plan and implemented it quickly including new computers. We are now getting ready to switch over our phone system and more to them. They are very knowledgeable and responsive. They set us up with increased security and we have not experienced any issues since starting with them. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of IT managed services.

Karmen Lemberg

Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County

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