Many thanks to IG Tech365 for providing a refurbished laptop for Pastor Reinier Garcel in the Cuban district of Pinar del Rio at the Marti church.   The computer will be used for a wide variety of ministry activities as well as study.

The towns and villages in Cuba do not have the resources we have become so reliant upon in the U.S. for doing day to day ministry work.  They certainly do not have the resources we have to prepare and present a moving church service or bible study.  In Cuba, a pastor’s personal computer provides the platform for audio-visual presentation, sharing lyrics to songs, communicating with neighboring churches, continuing seminary studies, and sharing the Gospel message.

When Pastor Reinier emailed me to let me know there was no computer at his latest church assignment, I quickly contacted IG Tech365 as they have a program to refurbish and donate used computers to worthy causes.  About a week later, the computer was ready.  A friend of mine added a mouse, and I had an extra computer bag that I took to them to send with the computer.   IG Tech365 shipped the package to a relative of one of the church members in South Florida who would be traveling to Cuba on March 14.

On March 15, I received an email from Pastor Reinier, “Lynn!!!!! Glory to God!!!! The sister of the church called me and told me that her son arrived last night and that he had already told her that the computer was there. God is good. Thank the Lord and thank you very much. God bless you always and prosper you in everything.”  The next day I received the photo above of a very happy Pastor with the computer in hand.  The following Sunday morning the computer was already being used to present Bible lessons to the children!

I cannot thank the team at IG Tech365 enough!

Lynn Rios

Thanks to the Lord I had a very blessed week with my family, I send some pictures of the class of children who are using the computer to put super book cartoons to support the classes, it is a great blessing.

Gracias al Señor tuve una semana muy bendecida junto a mi familia, le mando unas fotos de la clase de los niños que estamos usando la computadora para ponerles dibujos animados de súper libro para apoyar las clases, es una gran bendición.