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Give Your Old Computer a New Life:

Donate Them to Our Community Outreach Program

IGTech365 is dedicated to giving back to the community. We partner with customers and neighbors to collect used computers, thoroughly erase all data with DBAN, update them to Windows 10, and then donate them to worthy domestic and international non-profit organizations.

These refurbished computers open doors to a world of possibilities: a child learning new skills, a veteran securing a job, and countless other positive impacts. If you have old computers you’d like to see put to good use, please reach out and join us in supporting this cause.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer's do you take?

Desktops and Laptops less than 5 years old in good condition.

Do you take monitors

Yes, we take LCD or flat panel monitors for donations.

Do you pickup computers?

Yes, if there are more than 5 workstations or laptops we can arrange a pickup if needed.

Do you take broken computer's?

No, we do no take broken computers for donation purposes.

Do you take printers?

No, we do not take printers due to the low cost to purchase and the high cost of ink.

How do I qualify for a donated computer?

Please email [email protected] and our staff will contact you and verify your eligibility. 

Does your non-profit needs used computers? Contact Us

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