Community Outreach

Donate Your Old Computers

Recycle Computers by Donating Them With Our Community Outreach Initiative

IGTech365 has made it our mission to give back to the community. Just like any small business we have a limited budget, but we have partnered with our customers and neighbors to take in computer donations. We wipe drives with DBAN, update operating system to Windows 10, and donate the equipment to domestic and foreign non-profit organizations.

These computers can give a child the opportunity to learn, help a veteran find a job, and so much more. If you have computers that you think we can do the same with please reach out to help support this cause.

  • Professionally “cleaned” of all data


Community Outreach

This is a picture from our first computer donation to Forest Hills United Methodist Church on June 14, 2017. One of our team members asked if we had any extra computers for the church they attend. We had a few workstations in the data center that were scheduled to be replaced, so it was a great fit. We were hooked on that wonderful feeling, for IGTech365 staff it was like watching the smile from someone you love opening a gift on their birthday or Christmas. Please get in touch with us and join us in helping give back.

Community Outreach

This is a message from Pastor Reinier from Cuba that we donated a laptop during our for foreign community outreach.

“Thank the Lord I had a very blessed week with my family, I am sending you some photos of the class of children that we are using the computer to put super book cartoons to support the classes, it is a great blessing. Here I continue to pray for God to allow twinning between our churches. God bless you and prosper in everything.

His brother and friend Reinier”

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer's do you take?

Desktops and Laptops less than 5 years old in good condition.

Do you take monitors

Yes, we take LCD or flat panel monitors for donations.

Do you pickup computers?

Yes, if there are more than 5 workstations or laptops we can arrange a pickup if needed.

Do you take broken computer's?

No, we do no take broken computers for donation purposes.

Do you take printers?

No, we do not take printers due to the low cost to purchase and the high cost of ink.

How do I qualify for a donated computer?

Please email [email protected] and our staff will contact you and verify your eligibility. 

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