The Ponemon Institute estimates that the average cost of a data breach is about $6 million, considerably beyond the means of any small business.

What would you do if your company’s private information leaked to the public? Consider the harm it would cause. Would your competitors use it to get the advantage? In order to keep an eye on your data, you should have cybersecurity audits conducted regularly. 

These audits will reveal if your current security measures are adequate or if you need to take more precautions. 

What are Cybersecurity Audits? 

Before we address the benefits of cybersecurity audits, you need to understand what they are. 

A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive investigation of the safety measures used to secure your data infrastructure. It will help you to gain knowledge about threats and weaknesses in your security systems, as well as behaviors that are placing you at a higher risk. 

This audit will assess the amount of protection you have in comparison to what is considered the baseline level of protection. 

Now that you understand what cybersecurity audits are, let’s dive right into the benefits.


1. Preparedness

Even when there are no obvious signs of risks, they are there.  There are flaws present on every server, and hackers will find them. By receiving a security audit, you permit experts to evaluate your network with a hacker’s eye to spot vulnerabilities in your system. When they recognize these small issues and implement a solution for them, you avoid an attack. 

Routine security audits assist you by seeking out and fixing any problem they can find in your server. And the sooner, the better! 

When a cybersecurity professional implements effective solutions, it guarantees that your system is as secure as it can be. But your security audit is only as good as the IT expert who performs it. That’s why it’s imperative to choose an experienced and trusted company like IGTech to manage your network security. We can help you to manage your network and keep it safe from cybercriminals. 

2. Customer Loyalty

Customers who do business with you are giving you their trust. Breaking that trust is the last thing you want to do.

When customers do business with your company, they expect you to keep their personal information confidential. Even a teeny tiny data breach that leaks to the news can damage your reputation and cause tremendous financial loss. You must protect your customers’ data at all costs. 

Cybersecurity audits can keep your customers’ information safe, and you can brag about it. Let your customers know that you have cybersecurity audits performed to build your reputation and gain customer loyalty. 

cybersecurity audits - stethoscope on computer keyboard

3. Maintain Employee Compliance

During a cybersecurity audit, your IT expert may suggest using software like Activtrak to maintain your employees’ compliance. Activtrak monitors employee compute activity and can alert you if large files are transferred, social security numbers are used, or if time is spent on specific websites such as Facebook and YouTube. This technology acts as a deterrent and a reminder that “someone is watching” even when you are busy with other aspects of your business. 

According to a state of the industry report by Shred-it, employee misconduct is the primary cause of data breaches and 65% of small businesses don’t have cybersecurity policies in place. 

Do you? 

To err may be human, but nearly half of the data breaches in a company happen because of an employee’s behavior. When your staff mishandles or loses your data or devices, you pay the ultimate price.

There are many reasons why small businesses should openly monitor their employees. By observing employee behavior on your company devices, your business can:

  • Prevent data theft
  • Increase productivity
  • Curb bad habits
  • Optimize workflows

When you inform new hires that you are monitoring their activity on your devices, they will be less likely to perform unsafe, negligent, or illegal practices that can cost you valuable time and money. “Bad employees” are less likely to accept the job because of the risk of getting caught, leaving you with a better team in the long run. 

4. Stay Within the Law

Our government is stepping up their efforts to protect the state of Florida against cyber-terrorists. Hackers and the threats they pose are becoming an increasingly large problem in the United States and worldwide. And they’re making businesses pay if they don’t comply with these standards. 

Are you aware of the required rules and regulations for companies like yours in Tampa, Florida? Better yet, are you doing them? Both large and small businesses must comply. 

For starters, they want firms to keep their infrastructure up-to-date and adhere to international data protection regulations. Check out Florida’s Cybersecurity and Data Breach Law, 31 No. 4 Fla. Emp. L. Letter 3 for more information. If you don’t uphold these laws, they will take swift action against your establishment. 

This is especially true if your cybersecurity was compromised. If you don’t keep up to standard, you will be held responsible. 

Perhaps your software wasn’t updated, or you didn’t defend your data properly. Regardless of how you are breaking the law, it’s easily avoidable! Compliance with local legislation can be achieved by conducting cybersecurity audits on a regular basis.

5. Peace of Mind

A lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking that their private information is safe. But ignorance is not bliss! You need real security, not hope, to keep away the bad guys. 

Make sure that your security protocol is doing its job; Create a schedule for cybersecurity auditing that includes:

  • Encryption use
  • Transmissions
  • Network access control

Just because you aren’t aware of being the target of a cybersecurity attack doesn’t mean you never were. Not all cybersecurity attacks are obvious. Sometimes, hackers will come in quietly and leave with a copy of your data. 

You are always at risk unless you take appropriate measures. Frequent cybersecurity audits are the only way to be sure that everything is working properly and your network is as safe as possible. If you are ready to take your company’s protection into your own hands, get in touch with us. We can discuss your business and what you need to achieve your security goals.