Turbocharge Your Typing Speed:

Mastering the art of typing hot keys – in the dynamic realm of small business operations,  hot keys unlock unparalleled efficiency. These seemingly small keystrokes wield significant power, revolutionizing how tasks are accomplished and elevating overall productivity.  

Join us on a comprehensive journey as we explore not just the concept of hot keys but delve into a treasure trove of 60 indispensable shortcuts tailored to transform how small businesses navigate their daily operations. 

Understanding Typing Hot Keys

Before we immerse ourselves in this extensive list, let’s revisit what hot keys are. These intuitive keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+C for copy or Ctrl+V for paste, redefine the way we interact with our computers. Efficiency becomes second nature as we seamlessly navigate through daily tasks with these time-saving gems. 

Typing Hot Keys Copy command plus c

The Power of Efficiency in Small Businesses

Efficiency isn’t just a goal; it’s a necessity for small businesses aiming to make every moment count. With the incorporation of these 60 hot keys into your typing repertoire, envision the potential for increased productivity that transcends conventional boundaries. As we explore the power of these shortcuts, witness how they can reshape your business’s daily output and overall success. 

40 Typing Hot Keys that Boost Productivity

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter – 50 hot keys that can redefine how small businesses operate: 

1-16: Standard Text Editing Shortcuts: 

PC Typing Hot Keys

  1. Ctrl+C (Copy) 
  2. Ctrl+V (Paste) 
  3. Ctrl+X (Cut) 
  4. Ctrl+A (Select All) 
  5. Ctrl+Z (Undo) 
  6. Ctrl+S (Save) 
  7. Alt+Tab (Switch Applications) 
  8. Ctrl+F (Find) 
  9. Ctrl+P (Print) 
  10. Ctrl+Shift+N (New Incognito Window) 
  11. Windows Key+D (Show Desktop) 
  12. Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Task Manager) 
  13. Windows Key+L (Lock Screen) 
  14. Alt+F4 (Close Window) 
  15. Ctrl+Backspace (Delete Word) 
  16. Ctrl+Arrow keys (Navigate between words) 

Mac Typing Hot Keys

  1. Command+C (Copy) 
  2. Command+V (Paste)
  3. Command+X (Cut)
  4. Command+A (Select All)
  5. Command+Z (Undo)
  6. Command+S (Save)
  7. Command+F (Find) 
  8. Command+G (Find again)
  9. Command+P (Print)
  10. Command+M (Minimise Windown)
  11. +Shift+N (New Incognito Window)
  12. Mission Control (Show Desktop) 
  13. +Option+Esc (Force Quit App)
  14. Control++Power Button (Lock Screen) 
  15. Command+W (Close Window)
  16. +Arrow keys (Navigate between words) 


17-40: Enhanced System Navigation and Management: 

PC Typing Hot Keys

  1. Windows Key (Open Start Menu) 
  2. Windows Key+E (Open File Explorer) 
  3. Ctrl+Shift+T (Reopen Closed Tab in Browsers) 
  4. Windows Key+R (Open Run Dialog) 
  5. Ctrl+Shift+Del (Open Clear Browsing Data Dialog) 
  6. Windows Key+Up/Down (Maximize/Minimize Window) 
  7. Ctrl+Esc (Open Start Menu) 
  8. Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Access Security Options) 
  9. Ctrl+Shift+I (Open Developer Tools in Browsers) 
  10. Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Run as Administrator) 
  11. Ctrl+Tab (Switch Between Tabs) 
  12. Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste Without Formatting) 
  13. Ctrl+Home/End (Navigate to Start/End of Document) 
  14. Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys (Select Text) 
  15. Ctrl+T (Open New Tab)
  16. Ctrl+W (Close Tab)
  17. Ctrl+Shift+W (Close Window)
  18. Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Reverse Tab Switch)
  19. Ctrl+L (Highlight URL Bar)
  20. Ctrl+Enter (Auto-complete URL)
  21. Ctrl+Shift+R (Reload Page Bypassing Cache)
  22. Ctrl+D (Bookmark Page)
  23. Windows + I (Opens the Settings app)
  24. Windowa + ; or . (Opens on-screen emoji keyboard)

Mac Typing Hot Keys

  1. Command + Shift + 3 / 4 / 5 (Screenshot / screen recording) 
  2. Control + + Spacebar (Open character viewer for emojis and other symbols) 
  3. + +T (Reopen Closed Tab in Browsers) 
  4. + Space (Open Spotlight Search) 
  5. + +Delete (Empty Trash) 
  6. + M (Minimize Window in Dock) 
  7. + + N (Create new folder in Finder) 
  8. + Option+I (Open Developer Tools in Browsers) 
  9. + + Enter (select and strikethrough text) 
  10. + + [ or ] (Switch Between Tabs) 
  11. + +V (Paste Without Formatting) 
  12. + +C (Copy style) 
  13. + +Arrow keys (Select Text) 
  14. + , comma (Open preferences for the front app)
  15. + T (Open New Tab)
  16. + +W (Close Window)
  17. + + Arrow keys (Switch Between Tabs)
  18. + + +Arrow keys (Reverse Tab Switch)
  19. + L (Highlight URL Bar)
  20. + Enter (Auto-complete URL)
  21. + + R (Reload Page Bypassing Cache)
  22. + D (Bookmark Page)
  23. + I (Open new email message with content of a page)
  24. + + I (Open new email message containing only the URL of a page)


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