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Storage & Availability

Enhance and simplify your storage architecture with software-defined storage technologies. 

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a storage data center architecture that separates the management and provisioning of storage from the underlying physical hardware, similar to the server and network virtualization. SDS replaces static and inefficient hardware with dynamic, agile, and automated solutions. VMware’s simple-yet-intelligent SDS technologies deliver a more scalable, flexible, and automated storage solution for today’s business and application demands.

SDS software abstracts the underlying storage through a virtual data plane; this makes the VM (and the application) the fundamental unit of storage provisioning and management.

By creating a flexible separation between applications and available resources, the pervasive hypervisor can balance all IT resources—compute, memory, storage, and networking—needed by an application.

Site Recovery Manager

Easily enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments. Discover the industry-leading disaster recovery software that delivers policy-based management, non-disruptive testing, and automated orchestration.

Fast and Reliable IT Disaster Recovery

Perform frequent, non-disruptive testing to ensure disaster recovery software predictability and compliance. Achieve fast and reliable recovery using fully automated workflows and complementary Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) solutions.

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Get on-demand site protection as a service across a common, vSphere-based operating environment with VMware Site Recovery for VMC on AWS. Enable security across on-premises to the public cloud or from public cloud to public cloud.

Simple, Policy-Based Management

Protect thousands of virtual machines easily using centralized recovery plans managed from the vSphere Web Client. Use policy-driven automation and the SDDC architecture to simplify ongoing management.

Up to 50% Lower TCO

Decrease disaster recovery operational expenses through automation and reduced capital investments using SDDC technology.

Downtime reduction

Minimize downtime with 5-minute RPO replication and ready-to-go cloud infrastructure.

One-click failover

Automate and orchestrate failover to the cloud from on-premises datacenters or other cloud availability zones in the event of a disaster.

Non-disruptive testing

Easily conduct frequent, non-disruptive testing to ensure DR plans will work as expected when you need them most.

VMware Site Recovery

Prepare your environment for disaster avoidance, compliance audits and protect critical data and apps while taking advantage of cloud flexibility and economics.

Virtual Volumes

VMware Virtual Volumes is an integration and management framework for external storage that provides finer control at the VM-level, streamlines storage operation and offers the flexibility of choice. VMware Virtual Volumes eliminates physical containers and enables more flexible consumption of resources.

Finer Control

With Virtual Volumes, it is much simpler to deliver and enable the right storage service levels according to the specific requirements of individual VMs. By having finer control over storage resources and data services down to the VM level, the VI administrator can create exact combinations and precisely deliver storage service levels. Over-provisioning is eliminated because each VM will consume the exact resources needed – nothing less, nothing more.

Streamlined Storage Operations

For both the VI Admin and the Storage Admin, Virtual Volumes greatly simplifies management over the existing operational model. Virtual Volumes allows separating the presentation from consumption of storage for VMs. In the VMware SDS model with Virtual Volumes, the Storage Admin sets up the Virtual Volumes datastore, which defines the capacity and data services. The VI Admin then uses the capabilities available in the datastore to compose policies. Any service level changes are reflected by simply changing policies. The Storage Admin is responsible for upfront setup, but the VI Admin is self-sufficient after that.

Flexibility of Choice

Virtual Volumes is an industry-wide initiative that will allow IT organizations to leverage the unique capabilities of their current storage investments and transition without disruption to a simpler and more efficient operational model. IT organizations can also manage heterogeneous storage using a common control plane.

Software-Defined Storage

With software-defined storage, applications are dynamically provisioned with the precise mix of capacity, performance, and protection needed—no more, no less. This storage solution allows businesses to eliminate inefficient, purpose-built hardware and use more agile, transparent, and automated systems instead. It brings to storage the simplicity, efficiency, and cost-savings that server virtualization brought to compute.

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