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Professional Email

Your email address says a lot about your company’s professionalism and technological expertise. Using standard email addresses can highlight a lack of growth in your business’ IT infrastructure. Using older email providers, like AOL, can age your company and you, and create negative perceptions about how well you are able to adapt to new technologies. In order to create a mindset of progressive technology, IGTech365 can create a personalized email using your domain (i.e.


Central Email Management

Exchange is the central management console for email, users, calendars, etc. Exchange has recently made a giant leap forward. The application is now available completely online, which eliminates any need for on-site servers. Converting to Exchange Online is the safest decision for disaster recovery and cloud back ups. IGTech365 will perform an email migration to get your email into the safety of the cloud. Although you pay Microsoft directly for Office 365, IGTech365 will manage it for you.

Exchange also protects information with advanced anti-malware and anti-spam filtering. Data loss tools prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information. Servers are globally redundant, with disaster recovery capabilities. A team of security experts monitors Exchange Online 24/7 to protect your data. Microsoft is so confident in the online move, the application has a financially backed guarantee for 99.9% up-time. You can count on your email being available.



Time to upgrade your email?


  • It’s time to get more from your email: custom emails addresses, enhanced security and improved collaboration tools are just a few benefits business-class email delivers.
  • Need to support more devices and more storage: as the proliferation of devices happens across your organization, and more communications take place over email, you’ll need email that can support these ever expanding needs.
  • Keeping email management simple: just because you need more from your email does not mean you need more complexity in how you manage it. Learn how moving to, and managing Exchange Online, helps you achieve more with less.
Exchange & Outlook Mobile



Outlook is synonymous with business class email. Exchange is the control module behind Outlook. When using Outlook as a stand-alone application, you can view email from various sources, but the emails are kept in a file on each computer (MAC or PC). This means each computer must be backed up and secured, or you run the risk of losing part of your business. Exchange brings email management into a central location to prevent it from getting lost. Also, calendars are shared and access is controlled by company group policy, as opposed to individual employees.

Anywhere Access


Exchange enables you to keep all your important data in one place. Access email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices. With Outlook you can share calendars, set group policies, and secure user profiles when an employee leaves your organization.




User Management


Eliminate the possibility of employees continuing to access emails related to your company after they have left. Without Exchange, you would have to login to their computer to see their emails. However, with Exchange, their email is added to your Outlook in the same user interface as your primary email. You can gain access to the employee’s email account and even use it as if it were your own.

Despite the many benefits to business-class email, like enhanced security, it actually saves the business money. Many business owners might not realize that IT resource savings are a major perk too!

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