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Legal IT

Have you found that you don’t have time to upgrade your operating system, patch your software, or worry about a firewall breach? IGTech365 understands that you have a legal practice to run. What would you say if you could just leave it to our Legal Helpdesk Service? The Legal Helpdesk is an exclusive industry-specific IT legal support service from IGTech365. We want you to consider our help desk an extension of your practice with savings as high as 90% of one IT professional’s salary. The specific technicians on our staff specialize in the legal profession and understand real-world legal problems. They have experience in industry-specific legal technology and provide trained teams in law firm IT support.

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The Legal Helpdesk Difference

Our technicians understand that your time matters and they help you maximize your time with legal services outsourcing. They rely on the proven processes and procedures to better manage your legal infrastructure. The Legal Helpdesk provides personalized IT support—a one-on-one relationship specific to your practice. The technician or technicians, assigned to your account will usually handle all issues giving you the familiar voice that is an expert in your legal infrastructure.  An account specialist as your technician or technicians enables them to quickly and smartly fix your issue.

IGTech365 Advantages:

Increase uptime

  • IGTech365 uses state of the art tools and certified technicians to monitor equipment and prevent issues before they occur.

Faster network performance

  • By performing system monitoring, and the automated regular maintenance we are able to keep your machine running at its peak performance.

Predictable IT costs

  • IGTech365 provides you a per workstation or server fixed cost covering all IT needs*

Increase staff productivity

  • Reducing errors and quick response times keeps your employees working instead of dealing with excessive downtime.

Reduce labor costs

  • Employ an entire staff of certified IT professionals at up to 90% less than the cost of one full time IT employee.

Reduce exposure to security risks

  • IGTech365 deploys state of the art anti-malware, anti-spam, and cyber security tools to keep your business safe and secure.

Focus on your business

  • IGTech365 gets you refocused on your business while we take care of the IT in the background.


  • We help you maintain client confidentiality with HIPAA cases, the client PII, and financial transactions PCI-DSS.
* Excludes Projects and onsite visits.

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