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Below is a list of what we view the benefits of IT managed services for small and medium businesses. As with all decisions you are weighing the risk against the reward; the cost verse the return on investment. Managed IT services offer many great benefits to SMB organizations that prefer to invest capital in other areas such as marketing. After about 200 users it becomes more cost effective to have IT personnel on staff. The theory is that having a single IT person represents an unacceptable risk. In any high-risk scenario having multiple options and backups is required. This is true whether defending against malware with a good disaster recovery plan or having several IT professionals on staff in case one quits, gets sick or killed or decides he/she deserves a pay raise and is not going to give you the password to the network until they get a raise.


Benefits of Managed IT Services
  • Less expensive than salaried IT staff
  • Cannot be held hostage by single IT person
  • Security checks and balances. Not reliant on single person.
  • Efficiency & few problems saves IT company money so they try harder to prevent issues not justify their job by finding or creating issues
  • Fixed expense for easy budgeting
  • Multiple skillsets available
  • Worry free: no employee or network maintenance issues
  • Broader support hours without added cost
  • Efficient resolution
  • Not distracted by other business issues
  • Rapid team implementation of new technology
  • Rapid team response to critical issues
  • Not dependent on single IT person
  • Reduce risk with more skills & tools to prevent issues
  • Buy or lease equipment & service
  • Grow efficiently with expandable services without adding staff
  • Rely on team of compliance & security experts


Negatives of Managed IT Services
  • Fixed expense and possibly an implementation fee
  • Service agreement obligation
  • Dealing with multiple customers at one time
  • Skill sets may not meet all needs
  • Resolution may slow during busy times
  • Potentially less methodical than IT staff
  • IT support not onsite to plug things in
  • IT support does not know your business as well as an IT employee
  • Less nimble during fast paced project
  • Configure equipment our way
  • Access to services limited if bills not paid

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