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More healthcare organizations are turning to managed service providers as a way to lower costs and increase productivity.  While the concept of managed service providers is fairly consistent, the services that managed service providers offer, and the level of support, are all over the place. Unfortunately, this can cause unintentional compliance violations with fines ranging into the millions. Our industry-specific teams keep up with new requirements and help remain compliant.


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It’s helpful to take a look at what healthcare providers should consider when selecting a managed service provider.  Considerations should include general and generic IT requirements, as well as specific requirements around the world of healthcare. IGTech365 provides a bevy of tools designed to ensure compliance with all healthcare regulations.

IGTech365 Advantages:

The ability to manage audits(HIPAA, PII, ePHI, PCI-DSS)

  • The managed service provider should deal with compliance audits as required.  This means keeping a checklist of things that the auditors will look for, and ensure those items are in compliance.  This could save you thousands of dollars in fines, which you will be responsible for paying.

Guaranteed response times

  • We provide standard hours, extended hours, and 24/7 response times as part of the agreement.  Most healthcare providers are 24/7 operations, thus it is critical to pick a managed services provider with high guaranteed response times.

The ability to support a business continuity plan

  • IGTech365 can assist in your recovery from major outages or natural disasters.  They will help you maintain redundant systems, and help manage automatic fail-overs when required.

The ability to manage application performance

  • Your managed service provider should have the ability to monitor and manage application performance.  This includes network, computer, and database performance, and the ability to proactively manage performance.

The ability to provide proactive governance

  • The managed service provider can provide you with a single view of most of your IT resources under management.  This means you can dynamically provision, and de-provision, resources using a single interface.  Moreover, you need the ability to place policies on specific services.

The ability to provide proactive security

  • The managed service provider should offer core security services that include identity-based security and encryption.  In the world of healthcare cloud, this is very important.  The law requires specific levels of security.

The ability to maintain compliant staffers

  • The managed services provider should hire and retrain staff to meet all legal requirements, including the ability to adhere to HIPAA requirements.  This typically means background and drug testing, as well as basic understanding of ethics and the law.

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