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IT Managed Services & Cloud VoIP Phone System

IT Managed Services


Managing your IT infrastructure is time consuming and stressful in a business without a full-time IT department. Outsource your computer networking for a fraction of the cost. IGTech365 provides a complete IT department at your disposal.

Benefits to IT managed services include:

  • Wider range of skill sets
  • Redundant personnel
  • Significant cost savings



VoIP Business Phone


If your phone is over 3 years old, you are likely paying too much! With “FlexConnX” our VoIP business phone service, we are driving your average monthly cost down by up to 40%.


FlexConnX is a full feature cloud or on premise VoIP phone system. It offers call trees, find-me, follow-me, hard or soft phone integration, dashboards, call reports and an optional robust call center module.

Office 365 Implementation


Office 365 is a cloud based suite of software services bundled by Microsoft. There are various service levels depending on your needs which IGTech365 will help you understand. We will migrate, configure and manage the environment.

Business plans provide messaging, cloud file storage, file security and management, cloud backups, email, cloud based user management with active directory (AD) and more. IGTech365 will handle this process for your company end-to-end.

IT Projects & Management


One-off IT projects are often hard to complete but the talented staff at IGTech365 has many years of experience in many technical areas. Whether you do not have the time or the man-power, IGTech365 can assist with project management or handling the project.

Our team does custom software and database development, design, print, scan and production projects as well as business consulting on processes and procedures.

Network Setup

Most small to medium businesses can’t afford a network administrator, while larger organizations simply need a backup for current IT staff. Networking keeps your operations running smoothly. We understand your network should not be part of what you deal with every day – it just needs to work quietly in the background.

Azure Cloud Storage

Azure provides reliable cloud storage, backup, remote file access, and recovery solutions for large and small data. It works with the infrastructure customers already have to enhance existing apps and business continuity strategies in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices represent an unprotected, open door to your network. Employees are working hard keeping up with emails and other information on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Is your company protected from outside intrusions?


To help save you time, IT professionals can control and manage SharePoint. Ensure compliance, improve search analytics, monitor license reporting, and track user activity to understand how your employees are benefiting from SharePoint.

IT Help Desk

Many small to medium businesses need help desk services but cannot afford, or do not find it practical, to hire someone on staff. The dilemma is how to get help when needed. If an employee has an issue, they need help now – not in 2 hours or tomorrow.

Special IT Projects

Life-cycle IT management is part of what we do. We are also glad to lend a hand or run a project over an extended period of time. You might have projects that are not for managed services, but are too much for you existing IT personnel. Our IT professionals can help you define your project, timeline, and budget to help get the job done.

Grow Your Business

Most small-medium business owners fall prey to allowing IT to take over their daily operations. If your computer networking is working well, it will not cross your mind. Everything should be properly configured and maintained from the start. IGTech365 can often see issues before you even notice any symptoms. Even if a problem does arise, just call our help desk, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our goal as an IT consultant is to listen and understand your issues, then build an action plan. Call us today to get started!

Routers, Switches, Raids & Blades

If you are an IT professional, those terms make sense. For the average business owner, all you know is you just need your internet to work and your data to be available. But as your business grows, your needs change, and IGTech365 can help you manage your existing hardware or migrate data to the cloud. We can help you set up specialized equipment to meet your company’s unique and special needs. Give us a call and we can bring in network engineers to find the least expensive solution to your IT challenges. We’re not bound to one provider, so we’ll do the best for your company.


MES partnered with IGTech365 for network managed services. They provide help desk services to 70+ users and our network of 3 offices and the co-lo data center. The consultants have been extremely honest by recommending technology that saved us tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees because it was a better long-term solution for our company. Their customer service is excellent and I know they will do whatever they can to support MES, even if it is outside their normal service offering. VP of Sales Operations

Modern Enterprise Solutions

IGTech 365 really does provide full service IT services. For someone like myself with limited IT expertise, IGTech 365 not only provides thoughtful answers but also helps me ask the right questions. I don’t need full time support but I need full services on call and that’s what I get from 365. I also appreciate that the help desk is professional, polite and speaks English. Board of Directors, Operation Vets Haven

Operation Vets Haven

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